Our full pedicure includes feet being soaked, nails filed & buffed, Be Natural cuticle remover is applied & cuticles are pushed back & any hangnails removed. To melt away calluses we use Be Natural Callus Remover (Dermatologist & Podiatrist tested) it is a fast, safe & effective solution for even the toughest of calluses & is suitable for diabetics. Be Natural Dry Heel Eliminator is then applied & the feet are put in plastic liners & booties & this vitamin & nutrient enriched cream moisturizes and promotes healthy skin. The unique formula penetrates deeply, delivering advanced moisturizing healing agents. The nails are polished using OPI & cuticle oil is applied to finish off the pedicure.

We also offer a deluxe pedicure which includes paraffin wax applied to the feet & the feet being left in heated booties for 15 minutes. Warm paraffin wax soothes aching joints & improves circulation, and the combination of oil & wax softens rough skin.

We also offer the fun treatment Minx nails, which last up to 6 weeks on toes. We have a large selection of colours & patterns to choose from.

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